Screw writing well, just writing is a good thing in itself. It keeps your levels of self-introspection high. Which I believe is fundamental to enjoying your own existence and things around you.

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You know which one,dumb ass! (fiction)

I was half asleep when I found myself struck in a chess match that never seemed to be ending.It was in a dark room and all I could see is a masked man sitting right in front of the pretty old chess board,laughing out loud.

“A game of chess with a real smart bad-ass in a mask,huh?” the good devil inside me started to mock me(pretty bad ass at times). “What films have you been watching lately,kiddo?” He couldn’t stop laughing.

“You are not helping”,I said.

“Ok, chill! I think I can help you out.”

“I don’t think so” I said in disbelief.

“Listen,this guy could have defeated you a long time back but just wouldn’t do that.”

“A long time back.Is it morning,already?”

“You have been sleeping for two days,dumb ass!”

“What?” I screamed.

“Save your expressions for your blog.”

“Not funny..not funny at all!” I said,disturbed.

“Okay jokes apart,this guy wants you to stay in the game.You can’t wake up unless you finish the game. He is crazy.He wants to laugh at every wrong move you make” he said “But he is never going to let you finish the game.You know Some people just want to see the world burn!

“Are we going to do something about this or keep talking all night,Mr.Nolan?” I shouted.

“Why so serious? 😛 Oh! It’s your turn now,huh? Don’t tell me you are thinking of what move to make. Seriously,Even a 5 year old kid in his mamy-poco-pants would know what move you’ll make. Want to know why? Simple. Because you are stupid.You have a conflict in your mind.Always!”

“I am already confused!” I said trying to figure out where to place the bishop “Now shut that hole on your face before I shove this piece right inside your throat”.

“I don’t understood why you think of the wrong moves of your past before every move? Do you think your shitty play really needs a replay? Why are you that afraid of losing? It is not going to be your first loss anyway. Why are you afraid of making a wrong move?  It will be thousand and one when that guy laughs this time! Suddenly,don’t want to put up up with all this anymore or what? Don’t want to give him a chance to laugh in your face again? Not Again??”

Then get MAD! Get MAD at everything that’s going against you. Ok,you are not going to kill anyone now : ) So stop breathing so  vigourously. Keep calm and Pay attention.This is important.If you can have a cool mind that lets you think while being angry, you are nothing less than a genius! Pick that piece up.You know which one. Come on! Don’t look at me now,you know where to place it.Place it!

Oh now! See,the guy is surprised! Now he is watching closely.Thinking for the first time in the game, may be. *chuckles* Looks like you hit the bull’s eye.Actually you always knew what to do.You just didn’t know you did.Let him think.Take a sip of juice.Look around.Relax.Don’t be over anxious.Don’t look at him while he is making the move. The next time you make a move,he will not be laughing but will be busy guessing. That’s a checkmate already,kiddo! Cheers : )

I don’t think you will need my help now.I have to go prepare my next script 😛 .I have a lot to tell you,kid.You have a lot to learn.You never know when I’ll come back to mock you(You being stupid and all :P). Bye for now,Champ!” He vanished.

That game didn’t last for long.I woke up happy as ever.

Life is a smart game too.The difference is that the intentions of the people have been clear and their cunning deeds so deliberate that no one ever needed a mask .Get mad and make your move.Remember,it’s a checkmate when you could make everyone…watch closely.”

PS: You never know who is beneath the mask…your fear? Only you could know!

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